A Curious Tale: Part Two

acurioustale-somersham-part2Or, as I like to call it: ACT 2. LOL I amuse myself so much. It’s fantastic.

Moving on…

Despite his convictions that he cannot suffer her to live knowing his secret as she does, Tiernan finds himself sparing Melisande’s life — for the time being. Beguiled and intrigued by her fearless nature, he realizes he wants to discover what other curiosities this strange and beautiful female will reveal to him. Melisande does not share his wants, however, and defies him at every turn.

But still something plagues him. Why had she been able to pass through the thickly woven barriers of magic placed upon the doors when none before had been able?

Determined to find the answer, Tiernan encourages her to explore the one room he’d forbidden her from entering, hoping to see for himself her strange ability but what he discovers instead may very well change his life, and the fate of his kingdom, forever.

ACT 2 is available for pre-order now. 🙂