Immortality was not what it was cracked up to be…Emrys

Being immortal, Emrys thought he had learned all the hard lessons centuries ago. After hundreds upon hundreds of years spent mending other peoples broken lives while wishing for someone who could mend his own, he’d learned in the worst ways possible that seeking compassion from others only led to broken trust and trampled hearts–and bodies left mangled and bloody.

He would never know true love, or so he believed, until…

Deep within a forest in medieval Wales, a chance encounter with a beautiful girl changed him. Myrddin was everything he could have wished for, all he had ever dreamed of having. For once, he was not afraid to dare to love. Soon, however, reality began to haunt him.

He could not live as half a man…

Beautiful Myrddin knew nothing of his terrifying gift and she could not know-ever-for he knew he could never bear to have her look at him in fear should she somehow find out the truth. Doing what he believed best, he left her before pain could be inflicted-from either side-never knowing he was leaving behind his salvation.

…and yet, he could not end his suffering, for he would never die.

Centuries later, he is reunited with the beautiful Myrddin, only to be reminded that history is bound to repeat itself, often in the most painful of ways…


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