A Quick Announcement

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The pre-order for A Whisper of Deception has been canceled due to the fact that I did not want a repeat of what happened with A Whisper of Temptation. Unfortunately I was unable to make the deadline for major story elements and in order to keep from having to release an inferior story, I had to make a difficult decision, which was cancel the release or risk having you all lose trust in me to deliver a story.

Deciding to cancel the pre-order before the story went live was very difficult for me. As an author, I don’t want to risk disappointing anyone or losing any of my readers for any reason, but I feel taking A Whisper of Deception down was the best thing to do. This way none of you have to deal with getting a sub-par story and I can have a few more days to polish the rough edges so that you get the quality you have come to expect from me.

But worry not. You will still be able to purchase A Whisper of Deception at the end of the month!
Again, I apologize for taking the story down, but it was best for all involved.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


A Whisper of Deception

As you all know (I think. If not, you’re about to), I write with my mother under the pen name Tiffany St.Claire. There’s a drop-down menu above where you can check out the stories we have out under that name if you’re interested in reading them. They are mostly historical’s but there’s a single contemporary in the mix if that is what you prefer to read.

So, basically, what this little post is about is me informing you all that there is another addition to what I have deemed The Whisper Series. It is the tale of Julian Drake (who appeared briefly in A Whisper of Temptation) and Chloe Fenton, two people from opposite sides of the Society fence who end up together despite the odds. Funnies will ensue, because when have you ever known me to not include hilarity of some type in the stories I write? I love to laugh, and I especially love it when a story I read makes me laugh, so I try to include humor as much as I can in the tales I weave and hope that others feel the same.

And, yeah, that’s about it. A Whisper of Deception is available for pre-order at the minute. It will be released on Jan. 25, 2017 and I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂