Cover Reveal #2

Uninvited…And here’s the next beauty! Also designed by the wonderfully talented Tina Adams, I have to admit that this one is my fave so far. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait to have it in my hands!
Be sure to check out her blog for more designs! And hey, if you’re feeling hoppy, why don’t you order one or two for your next release, eh?

Uninvited is the sequel to Love Pain (which also got a little bit of a cover revamp) and is set to be released for kindle on June the first, so mark your calendars!

Pre-order Uninvited (Book Two of The Taliesin Chronicles) here!


Cover Reveal #1

A Curious Tale: Part OneHey y’all!

Guess what…I’ve got some more pretties to show you! First off is the cover for A Curious Tale, designed by none other than the amazingly talented Tina Adams! (Psst! She does all my covers because only the best will do. 😉 ) Be sure to check out her blog/site for more designs!

Now, I’m doing this story in parts, so there will be more than one released over the course of this year. Coolness, right? Right.

Now please do be looking to your right to gaze upon the lovely that is the cover for A Curious Tale: Part One.

Buy A Curious Tale: Part One here!


Emrys – Coming Soon!

emrys2sm-somersham Hi guys!

Today I’m am unveiling the cover to my new book that, God willing, will be published by the end of June. I have many, many feelings for this story. Emrys is near and dear to me. He showed up one day out of the blue when I was about 19 years old and never went away. Of course, he was a cat the first time I met him…. Kind of reminded me of Garfield in that he was fat and lazy, but he’s not really one for lasagna. He likes chocolate. Wait, let me rephrase: He loves chocolate. It’s a wonder the stuff isn’t running through his veins in place of blood, he loves it so much.

Emrys is an immortal with a huge ego (why do immortals always have huge ego’s?), a silver tongue (not literally, that would be weird – even from me), and commitment issues. On the outside he looks like he’s got it all figured out, but on the inside he’s more than a little messed up. Though his mission in life is to help those in need, and he often gets called to people who have problems in the emotions department, mostly ones dealing with love, he can’t help but wonder why he’s been chosen to ‘fix’ these problems when his own life is far from perfect and his only experience with love ended up tearing him apart.

Okay, I better stop before I end up writing the story here. LOL So, yeah, Emrys’ story will be available at the end of June (for Kindle and in paperback) and I now have a lovely cover to show off!

I’ll be back with more updates soon!