Emrys and Love Pain Now In Print!

I’m soooooo excited!! Emrys and Love Pain are now available in print! How cool is that! I now have physical copies and I have been freaking out inside ever since I opened the box. LOL It’s so great to be able to hold your creation in your hand. So great. Okay, I don’t have anything else to say so I’m going to let you all return to your regularly scheduled programming. 🙂

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After many, many, many years the wait is finally over. Emrys is finally available for purchase! I couldn’t be more excited! Thank you to everyone who patiently (or not so patiently) waited for his story to be told and I hope it lives up to your expectations. (Nervous author is nervous, lol)

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Immortality was not what it was cracked up to be…Emrys

Being immortal, Emrys thought he had learned all the hard lessons centuries ago. After hundreds upon hundreds of years spent mending other peoples broken lives while wishing for someone who could mend his own, he’d learned in the worst ways possible that seeking compassion from others only led to broken trust and trampled hearts–and bodies left mangled and bloody.

He would never know true love, or so he believed, until…

Deep within a forest in medieval Wales, a chance encounter with a beautiful girl changed him. Myrddin was everything he could have wished for, all he had ever dreamed of having. For once, he was not afraid to dare to love. Soon, however, reality began to haunt him.

He could not live as half a man…

Beautiful Myrddin knew nothing of his terrifying gift and she could not know-ever-for he knew he could never bear to have her look at him in fear should she somehow find out the truth. Doing what he believed best, he left her before pain could be inflicted-from either side-never knowing he was leaving behind his salvation.

…and yet, he could not end his suffering, for he would never die.

Centuries later, he is reunited with the beautiful Myrddin, only to be reminded that history is bound to repeat itself, often in the most painful of ways…

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Emrys – Coming Soon!

emrys2sm-somersham Hi guys!

Today I’m am unveiling the cover to my new book that, God willing, will be published by the end of June. I have many, many feelings for this story. Emrys is near and dear to me. He showed up one day out of the blue when I was about 19 years old and never went away. Of course, he was a cat the first time I met him…. Kind of reminded me of Garfield in that he was fat and lazy, but he’s not really one for lasagna. He likes chocolate. Wait, let me rephrase: He loves chocolate. It’s a wonder the stuff isn’t running through his veins in place of blood, he loves it so much.

Emrys is an immortal with a huge ego (why do immortals always have huge ego’s?), a silver tongue (not literally, that would be weird – even from me), and commitment issues. On the outside he looks like he’s got it all figured out, but on the inside he’s more than a little messed up. Though his mission in life is to help those in need, and he often gets called to people who have problems in the emotions department, mostly ones dealing with love, he can’t help but wonder why he’s been chosen to ‘fix’ these problems when his own life is far from perfect and his only experience with love ended up tearing him apart.

Okay, I better stop before I end up writing the story here. LOL So, yeah, Emrys’ story will be available at the end of June (for Kindle and in paperback) and I now have a lovely cover to show off!

I’ll be back with more updates soon!