One Choice – Keelin Raine

Hey y’all!

It’s been a little bit, I know, but I am here today! So. My friend Keelin Raine has just released her first contemporary short story of the young adult variety. It is NOT a romance. It is NOT filled with cuddles and kisses. It IS a pretty good read. It IS only 99¢ right now in the Amazon Kindle store. LOL

If you would all be so nice and at least check it out, I’d appreciate it. Keelin would love it. lol Linkage below, my lovelies!


I’m off now to do…something. I don’t know what. *gives Emrys a sideways stare*


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Love Pain

Love Pain

Taliesin knew Aiden never meant to fall in love with a mortal woman.

But matters of the heart cannot be controlled or bent to the whims of any creature, no matter how much one may wish otherwise. Though time means nothing to a vampire, when love is involved it suddenly means everything, and with it comes a bittersweet bite that leaves one aching.

Taliesin never thought his past would break them apart.

Mistakes are a part of everyone’s life, even the undead. Taliesin cannot say he is proud of the things he has done but without having done them, his existence would be empty of those he cherishes the most.

When the whispers of unrest threaten to tear asunder both old bonds and new, Taliesin fears even time will not be enough to heal the wounds the new-found lovers will have to endure. Knowing all too well the anguish of loss and heartache, Taliesin can only hope the cost of their love will not be the undoing of all he holds dear.

Lookie, I have a blurb! Links are coming soon! Oh, this is going to look so good on my bookshelf! I am so excited! LOL

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