A Pirate’s Pleasure

A Pirate's PleasureReigyn Meauchamp is used to getting what she wants, so when the man she has set her cap for refuses to understand the meaning behind her carefully precise smiles and speaking looks, she decides a different approach should be used. Something…piratical.

Adrian Winter has known Reigyn all her life and is quite used to her schemes and rule-bending. He’d expected her ploy to spirit him away someplace thanks to a tip from a friend — but he never expected her to get away with it. Which is why he wakes to find himself — bound and gagged — aboard a ship in the middle of the ocean…completely at Reigyn’s mercy.

Not one to let an opportunity slip through her fingers, Reigyn intends to keep Adrian hostage until he agrees to take her to wife. Adrian is quite content to see how far she’s willing to go to see her little ploy through to the end, but the fires of passion burn brighter and hotter than he’d expected and when it comes down to it, he realizes he cannot resist … A Pirate’s Pleasure.