A Pirate’s Surrender

A Pirate's SurrenderBesotted, betrothed, bewitched, Cassius Tremaine Macclesfield had almost taken her right there in his father’s garden. A rare moment of sanity in the madness of his desire convinced him to wait until later… but neither of them expected to wait ten long years!

Betrayed by his best friend, Cassius set off to effect a ruination of another sort – to plunder and pillage upon the high seas, all in the name of the Queen – earning a dastardly reputation for himself as the dashingly handsome pirate Captain Kells.

Bedeviled by fate in the guise of his father – the duke of Macclesfield – Kells is furious to find himself once again trapped by his betrothed’s allure and is determined to make of her nothing more than a plaything … until the innocently seductive Lady Anne Seybrooke demands the pirate’s surrender instead.